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Oud Perfume | Oud Perfume for Men & Women

by Mohammad Hammad Tahir
Oud Perfume | Oud Perfume for Men & Women

                Oud Perfume

Can you imagine a luxurious woody fragrance? Well, the oud-based perfumes are putting its splendid signature over the whole world. Oud, a natural raw ingredient, is probably the globe’s most expensive element in oud perfume.


What is Oud?

A tropical agar tree is the source from which oud is acquired. These trees have their origin in Assam, India. However, it grows naturally in the Middle Eastern countries.

As self protection the agar tree, when infected by the phialophora parasitica mould, produces a resin which is fragrant, dark and dense. This resin is actually the real source of oud, to answer the question what is oud?

The Agar, which the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), declared it a potentially threatened species, which is deemed to be one of the world’s most expensive  woods.

However, now agar trees are growing in other regions of the globe, with the aim to provide enough to keep pace with the demand. However, these trees may provide a natural, but different fragrance of oud perfume.


Arabian Oud Best Seller

To determine the best seller when it comes to Arabian oud, is not always possible, as all people have a different taste when it comes to buying their favorite Arabian oud perfume.

However, no need to fret, we have a solution. At the splendid online shop of Aroma Concepts, you can find your Arabian oud best seller among its exotic and sense-dazzling range of oud perfume for both genders. 


Arabian Oud Perfume

The fragrance of Arabian oud perfume carries an aromatic and strong scent. These exotic perfumes have traditional amber, jasmine, oud and musk notes.

Oud perfume with its recognizable wood fragrance is used on your skin, whilst it can also be utilized on clothes or burned for spreading a fragrant smoke to enhance the ambiance of your home.

As perfumery is considered to be an art, there are various tips which could result in making the mystical fragrance of oud perfume to be pleasing and long lasting. 

One of these tips is to mix your fragrances of oud perfume. Wearing the same oud perfume on a regular basis will result in blending with the chemistry of your body so completely, that nobody will smell your perfume.

Oud perfume fragrances have a woody and warm aroma, as expected and it's deemed to be especially potent and definitely not meant for the timid! Due to the fact that oud is derived from wood, it might also carry a tinge of dampness as well as an enchanting smokiness, which is detectable in oud perfume


Oud Perfume for Men

Just the variety of oud perfume available on the market will dazzle your senses whilst oud perfume for men will offer you a marvellous and exclusive journey to match your personality and personal taste to the perfect oud perfume for you!

Visit the delightful online fragrance shop of Aroma Concepts and make your choice among their wide range of enchanting oud perfume.

This company sell a range of luxurious unisex oud perfume, whilst you can buy incense, air fresheners and home fragrances too. Their range of oud perfume comprises fascinating ingredients bought in a global marketplace, which you won’t come across in the majority of elect shops in the UK or Europe.


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Best Oud for Men

For fragrance lovers who want to purchase the best oud for men we advise you to choose your mesmerizing oud perfume from the online store of Aroma Concepts, which offers an Oud Pour Range.

For the purpose of this article we will discuss two of its bestselling oud perfume.


Oud Pour Rouge: Oud Perfume

The enchanting Oud Pour Rouge, a fragrance designed for men, is known for its sweet and comforting tones. As middle tones, it contains a light spice derived from cardamom and cinnamon, whilst the cologne’s top is intensified by bergamot & lavender. 

It’s base includes tones of strong masculinity with leather, whilst its connoisseur scent is finished by sweet amber. Are you looking for a supreme, luxurious sweet scented oud perfume for men? Well search no further as Oud Pour Rouge is a superb choice which you can wear on a daily basis or purchase as a gorgeous gift for someone.

The decadent fragrance comes in a solid & chic Italian vase bottle. Khadlaj perfumes is the designer of this luxurious perfume, which is a special edition. 


Master Oud Pendora: Oud Perfume

The marvellous Master Oud Pendora is resinous, loud & smoky, but simultaneously has a cozy & mellow fragrance. This oud fragrance opening, is a powerful projection of overwhelming dark & spice accords. Its opening is reminiscent of spices, dark woods and the smoke of burning incense.

Master Oud, which last for eight hours, has a vivid projection on your skin, whilst it will probably last an even longer period on fabric.This “Master Oud” Eau de parfum, is a unique, excitingly ravishing & sharp fragrance designed for both genders, which will establish your presence absolutely perfectly!

For more enticing best oud for men fragrances visit the online shop of Aroma concepts and experience their luxurious choices.


Mens Oud Fragrances

We believe that there are mens oud fragrances available for each and every man, which will be a perfect fit to their taste or personality. Therefore, if you want to become irresistible by wearing your perfect oud perfume, take an enchanting journey and discover your own unique and exotic scent.

Do yourself a great favor and visit the website of Aroma Concepts and check out their Oud Pour Range which includes:

  • Lyre Killer Oud
  • Midnight Ecstasy Killer Oud
  • Ethic Killer Oud
  • Revolution Killer Oud

On its well laid-out online shop you will find a description for all the above-mentioned mens oud fragrances and many more decadent Arabic perfumes!


Oud For Women

Oud for women are distinctive and extravagant fragrances as it is produced with not just natural, but also with exceptional esteemed elements.

Oud for women is considered to be created from our planet’s most expensive wood, whilst oud oil is deemed as the estimation of an acquiring of gold and labelled liquid gold.

Wearing oud perfume effectively creates an aura of power and riches for the woman wearing it.  Whilst its cutting edge is opulent, its marvellous aroma motivates attractive quality, confidence as well as elegance among women.

Mysterious, luxurious and decadent and much more are associated with oud perfume!


Oud Perfume For Women

There is a perfect oud perfume for all women, which will project their beauty, personal taste and highlight their personality with exotic class.

Looking at oud perfume for women, we want to discuss two of the many available oud perfumes available at Aroma Concepts.


Oud Highness: Oud Perfume

This oud perfume offers a pulse of woody & floral notes in a 80ml black bottle which can only be described as an essential fragrance to have.

This mystical fragrance is a sensual and delicate combination consisting of labdanum & warm patchouli which is magnificently tied with sandalwood & agarwood. Definitely a marvellous oud perfume  which will take you to a higher level.

The alluring rose fragrance, adding some extra wildness, will send your senses flaring with passion.  This enticing oud perfume for women poses to be the perfect option for any occasion and perfect for women of all ages.


Musk Pour Narcis: Oud Perfume

This musky fragrance is one of the finest we can offer and comes in an Italian vase bottle. The tantalizing EDP consists of the energising notes of lavender & bergamot with seductive amber, sandalwood & oud. 

This combination creates a revitalizing and bold scent for women who fancies an occidental or musky scent. 

This is a sweet smelling oud perfume which can be an enticing gift or for spoiling yourself! With its reminiscent and highly sensual scent it is perfect to wear on a daily basis.

It has a scent which lasts for a long period, which will evoke your senses with an exotic and invigorating touch.

  1.  oud perfume uk

Oud Perfume For Her

When you are looking for an oud perfume for her, we advise you to look at the following alluring fragrances which are best sellers. Below we mention some of their enticing perfumes.

  • Oud Pour Blue
  • Magic Oud in Pure Saffron
  • Shaghaf Oud Gold
  • Magic Oud Sandalwood
  • Magic Oud Kalimath
  • Oud
  • Oud Pour Klassik
  • Kashmeeri

Ladies, when it comes to oud perfume, here we want to quote Coco Chanel: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory”.


Oudh Perfume or Oud Fragrance?

Oudh perfume or oud fragrances are extravagant and distinctive and are created with both natural & remarkably esteemed elements. Oud perfume is also labelled as liquid gold.

Its avant-garde, but splendid  and exquisite aroma is instantly clear and effectively promotes attractive quality, confidence & elegance among women.

The majority of oudh perfume originates in the Arabic countries which are then exported to different countries.

Products manufactured from oud are produced with great care, whilst the finest elements are used in oud perfume.

Memory is a major factor in considering which fragrances you like best. The human brain has an exceptional capacity when it comes to remembering the uniqueness of an aroma for a long period of time after you experienced it the first time.

Through your childhood development as well as during your young adult years, it is your environment which will provide the blueprint for which aromas you will either love or dislike in the end.

Different aromas can trigger various emotions differing from anxiety to joy or nostalgia to sadness. During each significant occurrence in your life which differs from experiencing events with loved ones or adrenaline-filled moments, the major role will be played by your association with the smell in considering which fragrance you will be favoring in an oud perfume. 


Oud Perfume Oil

It is a fact that oud perfume oil is a highly coveted ingredient. Globally it is valued by the well known celebrated perfume houses. It has an immediate and exclusive recognisable aroma. This is the perfect scent to have if you want the same smell as an A-list celebrity.

Oud perfume oil originates from the Aquilaria/Agar tree which you will find in the Middle East and Asia. In countries such as China and India it was used for many centuries.

During religious rituals, its fragrant wood chips were burned to provide its intoxicating effect. However, the oud oil is produced due to a parasitic mould which attacks the Agar tree. As protection the tree produces a sticky and dark resin.

With time, this dark resin gets hard which results in oud oil, which is one of the foremost decadent aromas known to mankind. Just a few trees are attacked by this parasitic mould, therefore, not a lot of oud is produced. Thus, it is a desirable and expensive ingredient.


Arabian Oud London

For many centuries, Arabian oud London perfume oils were loved by women and men because of its enticing scent which is distinctive worldwide!

Now you have the opportunity to experience this esteemed luxurious fragrances from Aroma Concepts distinguished oud collection.Their exotic oud perfume is luxurious and classic.

We are convinced that the unique creation of their oud oils is both an intricate and fascinating art. The timeless aroma of oud uplifts the spirits of the individuals who use it.

This fragrance company’s enticing oud perfume oil breathes life into the exceptionally unique aroma of Oud in combination with jasmine & rose floral notes, spicy saffron, earthy wood aromas and sensual sandalwood.

This results in a long lasting, much stronger perfume which is perfect to wear during the day or night.


Arabian Oud Perfume UK

Arabian oud perfume UK is available at the fragrance online shop of Aroma Concepts, a marvellous journey which we advise you to take, to indulge your senses in their high quality, luxurious fragrances.

Their exquisite oud fragrances are for men and women who are fragrance lovers. Just a drop of oud can make you reminisce about long forgotten memories.

Below we will mention a few of their best oud perfume sellers for men and women:


Men: Oud Perfume

  • Eau de Blanc
  • Pecasium Pendora
  • Brown Elegant
  • Titan Black
  • Asian Blue

Women: Oud Perfume

  • Midnight Ecstasy Killer Oud
  • Ministry of Oud - Oud Satin
  • Magic Oud in Pure Zaffron
  • Ombre De Louis Privezarah
  • Musk Pour Narcis


Perfume Oil UK

Oud is used as a crucial ingredient in the finest fragrances in perfume oil UK and the rest of the world. This is no surprise due to its gorgeous aroma. 

Often oud will form the base note, whilst other rich ingredients such as ambergris, cedarwood or amber will complement it.

An illustrious and rich history surrounds oud. It was a treasured substance for medicinal uses for a lot of health issues and was not only used as an ingredient in oud perfume.. 

Oud was also traded as a highly valuable item, whilst the wealthy merchants and royalty used it.

Oud Oil

The Middle Eastern countries take its oud oil rather seriously. However during the last couple of years it became highly popular in the UK.

Agarwood from which oud oil is derived comes in liquid or solid form. The solid Agarwood, will remain solid just at room-temperature. However, when it is slightly warmed it changes to mobile liquid.

Due to the fact that it is non-irritating it can be used directly on your skin, whilst it is also important to take notice of the fact that it is anti-asthmatic. 

The oil is highly powerful and the slightest drop of it will fill the room with its provoking and exotic aroma. Its aroma is complex with the ethereal and deep nuances found in oud perfume

The aroma needs approximately 12 hours to evolve fully and will last on your skin for longer than one day, whilst on material it may last for a period of months.

The oil can be used in oud perfume,, as an essential oil, aroma therapy or even as an aid during deep meditation. 


Oud Fragrance

In general an oud fragrance is actually reserved for after hour events and special occasions. Due to its exotic, luxurious and indolent aroma, it will not be suitable to wear during office hours.

However, it will be the perfect oud perfume to wear during a first date, an anniversary or your wedding day. However, whenever you use an oud perfume you would be noticed for sure!

With this said about exotic oud perfume, we want to quote Christian Dior: “Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.”

Visit the marvellous laid-out online shop of Aroma Concepts at and we are sure you will enjoy your romantic journey to faraway and exotic destinations in your mind!

by Mohammad Hammad Tahir