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The “KILLER OUD” Eau de perfume for Men is a one-of-a-kind and excitingly sharp and ravishing fragrance. A vibrant manly fragrance with Bergamot, oregano, and allspice as top note provide opening with a fresh and spicy burst that has wonderful anti-depressant properties that stimulate the soul and provides courage to share inner-self. Its heart notes, opoponax, and Incense give EDP a texture of luminous and raspy feel.

Killer OUD dances like fire in a Smokey whirl. Leather, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood as base notes awaken a masculine effect and you should always be careful how much you spray because Killer OUD is extremely potent with long-lasting effects.


Buy Killer Oud (Agar)

In the world of perfumery, the natural raw material is one of the most expensive things i.e. wood and that wood is known by the name of ‘oud’. Oud is originated from a tropical tree ‘agar’. Its demand is so high in the world and it is the most expensive timber around the globe.

By using this basic ingredient, a vast range of oud scents are prepared. They have somewhat different aromas but the basic properties are the same. Oud fragrances are usually warm, potent and woody so faint hearted people do not use them. They have also a touch of dampness as their basic source is timber. But a delightful smokiness is also present in them.

In the variety of oud fragrances, Killer Oud is one of the most enthralling and mesmerizing fragrance. It has a luxurious feel in it. Killer Oud has bergamot, all spices and oregano as a top note in its making. So, it has an exciting fresh and spice like burst in its opening. Killer Oud has anti-depressant qualities that energize the soul and give you courage and confidence to share your inner self.

Killer Oud -Best Arabic perfume UK

Killer Oud is an Arabian brand that is worldwide famous. It is in beautiful packing. You can pick it up if you have a striking personality and want to get confidence to create a world of your own and be in the sharp memories of others.

Killer Oud UK

In its middle notes, amber, citrus, opoponax and incense are used. They make it deeply feel like. The base notes contain sandalwood, patchouli, leather and oud. Killer Oud has a vibrant sensation that makes you feel lively and victorious everywhere. It gives you an outer as well as inner satisfaction and creates a spell-bounding effect around you. Its ingredients generate a ravishing aroma which takes you and other people in an excitingly sharp influence.

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