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The “KILLER OUD” Perfumed Body Spray for Men is one-of-a-kind and excitingly sharp and ravishing fragrance. Its heart notes, Opoponax and Incense give this deo a texture of luminous and raspy feel. Killer OUD dances like fire in a smokey whirl. Leather, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood as base notes awaken a masculine effect. A vibrant manly fragrance with Bergamot, oregano, and allspice as top note provide opening with a fresh and spicy burst that has wonderful anti-depressant properties that stimulate the soul and provides courage to share inner-self. You should always be careful how much you spray because Killer OUD is extremely potent with long-lasting effects. Oud for men of extra masculinity. Could be a perfect addition in any gift sets.

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