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TOT Homme VIP is the oriental woody composition is an explosive cocktail of vodka, passion fruit, frozen mint, ginger, black pepper, lime caviar, leather, spices, amber and king wood. TOT Homme VIP opens with a moderate projection of sweet, citrus, boozy, and leather accords. The opening is light, the notes are mild but recognizable, and pleasant. The lime and passionfruit create a soft fruity accord, the passion fruit is noticeable but not intense, it feels sweet and tropical; the pepper, ginger, and mind add a fresh cooling spicy touch; the vodka is the light, white-alcohol type, not bold, not intense, but boozy. The woody notes are soft, the leather and amber are projecting accords, the leather is a soft touch. The fragrance is very linear, all notes come up as soon as the fragrance is applied and continues into the dry-down. The fragrance feels boozy, diluted, fruity, soft leathery, moderate-quality, masculine, playful, short-lived, sweet, tropical, weak, woody, young, and pleasant.

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